Chapman High School (CHS)

Located along Old 40, the high school was rebuilt in 2010 after a devastating tornado destroyed more than three-fourths of the school. Students have access to one-to-one technology, a variety of electives, college level courses, and after school activities.


Chapman Middle School (CMS)

Located along main street, the middle school is grades six through eight. It is also the location of our district gym that hosts all our home sporting events.


Enterprise Elementary (EES)

Students grades K-5th attend Enterprise Elementary. Classes sizes are small and allow for more teacher-student interaction. New storm shelters are a recent addition.


Rural Center Elementary (RCES)

Located ten miles south of Abilene, Rural Center Elementary school hosts grades K-5th. Wee Clovers is the newest addition to the school, a pre-school for students ages three and four.


Blue Ridge Elementary (BRES)

Located northwest of Chapman along Highway 18, Blue Ridge Elementary hosts grades K-5th. A new office addition was just recently added onto the existing building. Students also enjoy the new playground equipment that donated to the school.


Chapman Elementary (CES)

Students grades Pre-K to 5th grade enjoy the elementary in the new location on Irish Drive built in 2010. Students utilize technology, project based learning, and can attend the after school program.