If your family is preparing for the deployment of your U.S. ARMY SOLDIER or OFFICER, please let us know. We would like to keep an extra eye on your child during this time in their life. Please do be in touch with us and let us know how we can help your child and family out!




We do what’s best for kids! And want to do that just for yours! Did you know that you have the CHOICE for your childern to attend school outside of your resident school district? You do, and we would like you to consider USD #473 – Chapman as your choice. We strive to be a Military Family Friendly school district and embrace the relatationships we create with all students in all of our schools. Please fell free to come visit us any time or to check us out online at www.usd473.net – let USD #473 be the CHOICE that’s best for your children.


We are proud of our relationship with Fort Riley. Our district is Military Family Friendly and we celebrate our partnership with the following Adopt-A-School Units:

  • Blue Ridge Elementary – A (Apache) Troop / 5-4 CAV
  • Chapman High School – B (Blackfoot) Troop / 5-4 CAV
  • Rural Center Elementary – C (Comanche) Troop / 5-4 CAV
  • Chapman Elementary School – D (Dakota) Troop / 5-4 CAV
  • Chapman Middle School – HHT (Warhorse) Troop / 5-4 CAV
  • Enterprise Elementary – 299BSB / 2-1ABCT